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Treasure Chest Distributors has been a major player in the health and wellness industry since 1977. We have been importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing private label products that enhance the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the food supplements we may consume.

We are passionate about nutritional health and our environment. One of our core values is promoting health and wellness through our everyday lifestyles.

We are a privately held company that consists of a management team that has more than a century of combined experience.

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Nu-Way Certified™ is your assurance that your cookware is capable of:
  • default_titlecooking with little or no water to preserve vitamins which is color and minerals which is flavor
  • default_titlecooking at lower temperatures in “live vapour” so as to preserve the enzymes in your food
  • default_titlecooking in a semi-vacuum so as to prevent oxidation and as such preserve and protect antioxidants and phytonutrients
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  • Ellenor B.
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    "I have had this set for 20 years. Love it! It's the best!"
  • Elizabeth K.
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    My cookware I purchased from Treasure Chest Distributors cooks quality foods quickly and efficiently.  Cooking is a breeze now, less time spent at the stove, and I KNOW my foods are as healthy for my family as they can be afterwaterless, low temp, speedy cooking.  

    No guess work, and veggies look fresh, firm and the taste is wonderful!  I get lots of great compliments now when I have family and friends in for a meal.
  • Ward H.
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    We enjoy using the Mannaware Cookware system and tell all who are interested that this is the best product available.  It is quick and easy to use and to maintain.  

    Because we are no longer using high heat as a source of cooking and a minimal amount of water, it is a very environmentally friendly product.  

    But the most significant thing and the primary reason that we purchased this product was because the food tasted great and we knew we were getting much better nutrition.

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